How Skinny Guys Can Gain Muscle Fast (HARDGAINER WORKOUT PLAN)

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How Skinny Guys Can Gain Muscle Fast (HARDGAINER WORKOUT PLAN). Are you tired of being a hardgainer skinny guy and not being able to gain muscle? Today I’ll be showing you everything you firstly need to STOP doing as a skinny guy that’s killing your gains. From there we’ll cover what you need to do with your training to begin building lean muscle. Training for a skinny guy is going to be much more different than what the average guy does with his workouts. I’ll also be sharing my best hacks to kill it with your diet as a skinny guy to hit your calorie surplus and your required protein intake!

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0:00-0:28 Intro
0:28-0:48 Stop Doing This!
0:48-6:24 The Workout Plan
6:25-12:00 The Diet Plan
12:01-21:57 Outro

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